Did You Know?

Rohrerstown Fire Company is located on Elizabeth Street in the village of Rohrerstown and protects a largely populated and industrialized area of

East Hempfield Township operating two pumpers and aerial platform.

East Petersburg Run Area

West Hempfield Fire Rescue Co. is located on Marietta Avenue in the village of Silver Spring and protects a diverse area of West Hempfield Township using a pumper, heavy rescue, water tanker and all-terrain vehicle.

East Petersburg Fire Company is located on Pine Street in East Petersburg Borough. It protects East Petersburg Borough and portions of East Hempfield Township with a pumper, heavy rescue and aerial ladder.

Mountville Fire Company is located on North Lemon St in  Mountville Borough and protects Mountville Borough and portions of West Hempfield Twp operating two pumpers and a special service air, power and light unit.

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