East Petersburg Fire Co.

East Petersburg Fire Company is Lancaster County Fire Station 23 and was chartered on January 22, 1910. Station 23 is located at 6096 Pine Street in East Petersburg Borough across from the East Petersburg Park.

Station 23’s first due response area includes East Petersburg Borough and a portion of East Hempfield Township. The term ‘first-due’ is a reference for the geographical service responsibility of the fire company. Each fire company has a first due in which they are charged with and responsible for emergency response protocols, policies and procedures. Station 23 protects a diverse area inclusive of desnely poplulated residential areas, rural agricultural facilities, and light industry. In additon, it protects a section of Route 283 and unique faciliteis that engage in quarry operations and agricultural management. In 2019, Station 23 responded to 366 total calls for service including calls in the ‘first due’ and assistance calls to neighboring communities. In 2020, Station 23 responded to 351 total calls for service including calls in the ‘first due’ and assistance calls to neighboring communities. The map below depicts Station 23’s first due response district.

Station 23 operates a diverse and specialized fleet to meet the hazard potential in its first due. Fire apparatus is typically designed for specific and often times multi-tasked functions. Below is a general overvew of the fire apparatus operated by Station 23:

Engine 23-1 is a unit commonly referred to as a pumper. A pumper is equipped with a pump and a water tank. A pumper is the foundation of every fire department because the fundamental purpose of a fire department is to extinguish fires. Engine 23-1 was built in 2010 and is equipped with a 1,500 gallon per minute pump to pump water from a water source to the fire. It carries a large assortment of various diameter hose. Larger diameter hose is needed for water supply. Large diameter hose is what is used to get water from a fire hydrant to the pumper. Then through smaller diameter hose lines, commonly called attack lines, firefighters maneuver them into a building to fight the fire. Engine 23-1 also has a 1,000 gallon water tank that is used to extinguish smaller fires such as car fires, trash and brush fires. Engine 23-1 has seating for six firefighters.

Engine 23-1 responds first on reported structure fires in the first due. It also assists neighboring fire departments at fires upon request. 

Rescue 23 is a 2000 unit designed and equipped with specialized rescue tools to rescue people trapped in a variety of situations such as freeing someone entrapped in a car after a crash or a body part trapped in a piece of machinery. It is also equipped with high and medium pressure air bags to lift heavy objects, such as a vehicle, off of a person. It carries assorted rope equipment and a large capacity winch for pulling. Resuce 23 also carries spill control equipment for hazardous substance spills such diesel fuel, oil and some acids. It has seating for 8 firefighters and responds first on all reported vehicle accidents or special rescue incidents.

Truck 23 is a 1999 unit featuring a 105’ aerial ladder to reach high structures as well as those with setbacks. Truck 23 can multi-task as both an aerial ladder and pumper as it is equipped with a 1,500 gallons per minute pump, a 500 gallon water tank and various diameter hose used to facilitate water from a water source as well as supply attack lines that firefighters use to extinsuih fires. Truck 23 carries other specialized equipment including saws with metal, wood and concrete cutting blades, fans used to evacuate smoke from a building, varied sized portable ladders, rope equipment and spill control equipment. Truck 23 has seating for 6 personnel and responds second on first due structure fire reports. It also provides mutual aid assistance to neighboring jurisdictions.        

Traffic 23 is a 2018 Ford F350 with an enclosed utility body. This unit is used to control traffic at fire and accident scenes. This unit is equipped with a 30”x 60” arrow board on top of the rig. This unit also carries equipment to use on scenes to control the flow of traffic as well as re-directing traffic and closing roadways. 

Squad 23 is 2018 Ford F350 with a utlity body. This unit is used to handle medical assists, spill controls and various minor incidents. This unit is equipped with medical equipment including an AED, spill control materials, Holmatro combi-tool and basic cribbing along with water rescue equipment. 

Duty Officer 23 (DO23) are a 2017 and 2011 Chevy Tahoe this unit is designed for the duty officer to manage emergency incidents. It is equipped with multiple communications equipment to support dispatch and operational channels as well as maintaining accountability of operating personnel. DO23 carries preplan information incluiding floor plan maps of first due target hazards to direct personnel as well as hazardous materials resources to manage and support public protective actions for hazardous substance releases.

East Petersburg Fire Company is proud of our dedicated volunteers serving in various capacities including firefighters and administrative personnel. Our active responder roster includes the following:

Sharon Baumann
James Bitler
Kyle Brandt
Bryce Burfete
Cory Carpenter
Greg Carpenter
Jarod Carpenter
Jody Carpenter
Mark Cohen
Chris Conrad
David Duckworth
Tom Enlow, Sr.
Glenn Garber
Rich Garber
Luke Gerhart
Chris Grappy
Ben Haagan
David Hardy
Brian Harnly
Dustin Harnly
Richard Harnly
David Hartman
Del Hess
Austin Howard
Daniel Howard
Maria Howard
Roger Howard, Jr.
Roger Howard, Sr.
Michael Jacunski
Brandon Jumbelick
Tyler Keebler
Lou Kosmela
Gary Lashley
Kristin Macauley
Dennis McClair
Frank Mokros
Joyce Mokros
Juan Carlos Molina
Theodore Moyer
Daniel Neff
Micah Neff
James Newcomer
Rachel Potts
Trevor Potts
James Resch
Zeke Rodriguez
James Rohrer, Jr.
Mathew Schneider
Don Schoenberger
Nick Schoenberger
Kristen Silio
Caleb Simmers
John Stauffer III
Ryan Whispell
John Wider
Chad Wiggins
Adrian Wine
Brian Wolfe
Kiersten Yocum
Scott Yuill

In addition to response personnel is the Support Group that provides administrative support, organizes community events, fund raising events and provides rehabilitation proceedings when response personnel are on campaign events and training. The support group includes the following members:

Robert Kauffman
Christina Rohrer
Maddy Rohrer
Peg Rohrer
Mary Schoenberger
Autumn Shenk
Steve Shenk

The fire company conducts a monthly business meeting on the 1st Wednesday of every month

At What Time? 19:00

The company also conducts weekly training drills every Monday evening (except on Holidays) starting at 7pm. If you interested in learning more about Station 23, feel free to stop by the station during Monday Night Training or anytime someone is at the fire station.  

There are two officer segements that work in concert to provide emergency response services (Line Officers) while at the same time managing the daily business and administrative operations (Administrative Officers) of the company. Some members serve dual roles. Below is a list of the Line and Administrative Officers

Line Officers

Fire Chief Don Schoenberger
Deputy Chief Mark Cohen
Assistant Chief Kristen Macauley
Captain James Rohrer, Jr.
Rescue Lieutenant Roger Howard, Jr.
Truck Lieutenant Jody Carpenter
Engine Lieutenant Cory Carpenter
Engineer Del Hess
Engineer Scott Yuill
Engineer Dave Hardy
Engineer Brandon Jumbelick
FP Captain Frank Mokros
FP Lieutenant Dave Duckworth
FP Sergeant Joyce Mokros
FP Sergeant Brian Wolfe

Administrative Officers

President Tom Enlow, Sr.
Vice President Frank Mokros
Treasurer Kris Macauley
Secretary Maddy Rohrer
Assistant Treasurer Kiersten Yocum
Assistant Secretary Rachel Potts
Chaplain Bob Kauffman

Station Phone Phone Number - 717-569-5035

Fire Chief – email

President – email 

If you are interested in being a part of the Station 23 team and you are at least 15 years of age you will need to submit an application.

-To obtain an application you can;

-download one from the link below

-stop by the station and pick one up, OR

-email one of the contacts listed above to have one sent to you.

-We require a $2 fee with your application which covers the costs to conduct a background check. After the background check is completed the Standards Board will contact you to schedule an interview with the Standards Board. Next your application will be read before the membership committee and a balloted vote conducted to accept you as a member.

-Then you can start your volunteer fire department service regardless if it is as a responder or support member.

Downloadable Application (Provide pdf of Application) see www.epfc23.com webpage