1- You are at the right place to learn more about the volunteer fire service, the fire companies that service the Hempfield area, and how you can start a rewarding community service career.

2- To help you understand the operations and needs of the Hempfield area fire companies and the process in becoming a member, this site provides ‘cards’. There is a card for each Hempfield area fire company that profiles their organziation, equipment and operations.

3- Click on the fire company card that protects your home or that you want to learn more about.

4- The In The Community card highlights community events, safety education programs, and preparedness reminders the Hempfield area fire companies are involved with. This card also provide explanation of the Terms, Talk and Tools used in the fire service. Incident response activities are also provided.

5- The Apply Here card enables you to inquire for more information. It requests basic contact information which will be forwarded to the fire company that you live nearest to. A fire company representative will contact you to answer your questions and hopefully start your emergency service journey.    

1- Do you have a desire to help others?

2- Do you want to be a part of a great team?

3- Do you want to learn new skills that influence many facets of life?

4- Do you want exciting experiences that will build self-confidence, provide personal rewards and enlist a great sense of accomplishment and special purpose?

5- If you answered Yes to any one of these questions, Join Out Team!

6- Did You Know?;

a. 85% of the fire departments in the United States are volunteer or mostly voulunteer.

b. 97% of the fire departments in Lancaster County are all-volunteer

c. The East Petersburg, Hempfield, Rohrerstown, West Hempfield and Mountville fire companies are 100% volunteer.

d. There has been a 5% drop in volunteer firerfighters in the United States from 823,950 in 2005 to 788,250 in 2014. (1)

(1) NFPA Survey of Fire Departments in the United States Fire Experieicne 1986-2014

1 – First is is necessary to understand our mission, goals and resolve..

-“Our mission is to provide excellance in fire and rescue services while minimaizing loss of life and proeprty through public education.”

-“We are dedicated to serving and protecting our communities with a commitment to professionalism, honesty and ethical standards.”

-“Our members are dedicated, well trained and adhere to the strictnest standards expected by our neighbors and the communities we serve.”

2 - WE are the five volunteer fire companies that protect the Hempfield area communities of East Petersburg Borough, East Hempfield Township, West Hempfield Township and Mountville Borough including the villages of Ironville, Landisville, Salunga and Silver Spring.

3 – Although WE are five independent fire companies, WE routinely train together, provide assistance to each other at emergency incidents, and engage in collaborative preplanning and community preparedness outreach.

4 – WE are made up of volunteer men, women and young soon-to-be adults who live, work or go to school in the community.

5 - WE are people you know may or may not know. WE are your friends, neighbors, co-workers or someone who lives on the other side of town.

6 – WE are YOU!  

1 – Fire companies are like a business. There is an administation side that oversees finances, budgeting, insurance, records management, public relations and human resources. There is also an operational side that is responsible for equipment readiness, personnel training, fire and rescue services.

2 – WE NEED community members to serve in the busines and or the operational sides of the fire company; whichever you feel comfortable in serving. Below are the positions WE NEED the most help with;

-Firefighter / Rescue Technician – Members 18 and older who participate in emergency responses to help others. Each fire company provides the training and equipment to enhance your skills and safety. You do not have to have any prior expereience to join as a Firefighter / Rescue Technician.

-Junior Firefighter – Young men and women ages 14-17 (fire department specific age minimums vary) can serve as junior members helping at the scenes of inicdents and provide other support functions. Junior members are the future of our service.

-Fire Police Officer – These members protect operating firefighters/rescuers by managing traffic patterns around an incident and providing crowd control.

-Live-In Responder – Currently only the Rohrerstown Fire Company offers Live-In opportunities for qualified members. These members live at the fire station rent-free in exhange for responding to calls and maintaining the station. This is an enticing propositon for college students and other young men and women to save money.

-Administation / Support – Members serving in this aspect manage the business side of the fire company including financial management, fund raising, building and grounds management, records and archives and assiting in special community outreach programs.

3 – No matter your background or experience, there is something for you.  

Below are the most common questions asked.

1 – Why shoud I volunteer? Reasons why to volunteer vary from person to person. Hopefully you asnwered Yes to one or more of the questions in the Your Desire and Motivition section. Volunteering provides a unique opportunity to support your friends, neighbors, and community by providing an essential community service. Regardless of your personal reason, your local volunteer fire company needs you.

2 – Will I be paid? Volunteers are not paid for their services. However, each of the five Hempfield area fire companies are part of a federal grant that supports a quarterly points based stipend where volunteer responders can earn a gift card if minimum points are attained per quarter. The federal grant expires in Novermber of 2021. Tuition assistance may also be available and each fire company either maintains an in-house gym or provides gym memberships to area gyms.

3 – Is there an age limit? The minimum age to join the East Petersburg Fire Company and Hempfield Fire Department is 15 years of age. The minimum age to join West Hempfield Fire Rescue Company, Rohrerstown Fire Company and Mountville Fire Company is 14 years of age. Between the ages of 14-17, their participation is governed by the Pennsylvania Child Labor Law. There is no limit to how long someone can serve.

4 – What do I have to know before joining? No previous experience or training is needed and you pay nothing for training. The fire company will provide you with training and equipment meeting national standards.

5 – How do I join? You can submit an inquiry on-line and the fire company within the fire district you live in or nearest to will contact you. The fire company will provide an application, which may provide backgound check fees,to you. Just return the application and it will be processed through the respective organizations membership program.

6 – After I apply then what? After your applciation is submitted, it will be processed by the fire company membership committee. A background check will be conducted and after all clearnaces are received, you will be contacted to start your colunteer fire service journey. Regardless if you are applying to be a firefigher or an administration support member, the application process is the same.

7 – How much time must I give? Time is a precious commodity and each fire company understands the time contraints from jobs, school and family. Whatever time you can give is appreicated. Members accepted as firefighters will need to complete specific standardized training programs. Those program are paid for by the fire company and we are fortunate that all classes are conveniently conducted at the Lancaster County Public Safety Training Center located on Champ Boulevard in East Hempfield Township.  

For more information, please click on the Apply Here card and submit the requested contact information. A fire company representative will contact you.