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Columbia Borough Fire Fighter Goodman


Answer the Call: Serve Our Community with Courage and Commitment

Joining our team means more than firefighting—it's about being part of something bigger. As a volunteer, you'll serve your community, bring hope during crises, and make a real impact. Whether battling blazes, supporting emergency services, or educating the public, every action ensures community safety. Ready to answer the call and become a hero?


Empower Yourself through Training: Building Confidence, Saving Lives 

Training is at the heart of everything we do. As a volunteer firefighter, you'll have access to comprehensive training programs designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to handle any emergency situation with confidence and proficiency.

Mountville Fire Company helmet and gear


Ignite Your Potential: Where Excellence Thrives

As a volunteer firefighter, you'll have the opportunity to push your limits and surpass expectations every day. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously improve and innovate, ensuring that we deliver the highest standard of service to our community. 


Defending Our Community: Where Safety is Our Priority

As a volunteer firefighter, you'll play a vital role in safeguarding the lives and property of those we serve. Our commitment to protecting our community is at the core of everything we do. Join us in this noble pursuit and become part of a team that makes a real difference in the lives of others every single day.

West Hempfield Gear Room

Why Not You?

Discover Your Ideal Role: We've Got the Perfect Position for You!

Whether you’re driven by a passion for firefighting, fire police, community outreach, or administrative support, we have a role that fits your skills and interests. Join us in our mission to serve and protect our community, and discover how you can make a meaningful impact while pursuing your passion.

Manheim Fire Company gathering in fire house



Firefighters Needed


Fire Police Needed


Jr Firefighters Needed


Administrative Support


Community Outreach

Fire Fighter Borten of Hempfield Fire Department

Firefighters Needed

Volunteer firefighters are dedicated individuals who respond to community emergencies, such as fires, crashes, and medical assistance incidents. They undergo training to handle various scenarios. In addition to their response duties, they engage in community outreach, fire prevention education, and fundraising. Their selfless commitment to serving others makes them indispensable heroes.

Step Up and Join the Fire Company

Our Fire Departments

With opportunities across nine independent departments, we need you. Whether your interests lie in firefighting, emergency medical services, fire police, community outreach, administrative support, training, fundraising, maintenance, or communications, there's a role suited to your skills and passions. Join us in our shared mission to serve and protect our community, and explore how you can contribute to making a difference in countless ways. With nine diverse departments, there's something for everyone to be a part of our dedicated team.

Mountville Fire Co. No 1 patch

Mountville Fire Co. No 1

Manheim Fire Company patch

Manheim Fire Department

Rohrerstown Fire Company patch

Rohrerstown Fire Company

Fire Department Mount Joy patch

Fire Department Mount Joy

Columbia Borough Fire Department patch

Columbia Borough Fire Department


East Petersburg Fire Company

Mastersonville Fire Company patch

Mastersonville Fire Company

Hempfield Fire Company patch

Hempfield Fire Company

West Hempfield Fire & Rescue patch

West Hempfield Fire & Rescue

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