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Answer the Call: Serve Our Community with Courage and Commitment

Volunteer Firefighters

Volunteer firefighters are dedicated individuals who respond to community emergencies, such as fires, crashes, and medical assistance incidents. They undergo training to handle various scenarios. In addition to their response duties, they engage in community outreach, fire prevention education, and fundraising. Their selfless commitment to serving others makes them indispensable heroes.

Manheim Fire Fighters getting on gear to head out on a call
West Hempfield Junior Fire Fighter gear

Volunteer Jr. Firefighters

Jr. Firefighters are vital members of the fire department, assisting in various tasks to support the team. While receiving valuable training and mentorship, junior firefighters contribute to firefighting efforts, assist with equipment maintenance, and participate in community events. They learn essential skills in fire safety, teamwork, and leadership, preparing them for future roles as full-fledged firefighters. 

Fire Police

A volunteer fire police officer ensures safety at emergency scenes and handles traffic control during fire department operations. They manage traffic flow, secure perimeters, and provide crowd control, working closely with law enforcement and other responders. Their dedication to public safety and community service makes them invaluable members of the fire department team.

Fire police direct traffic around scene
Volunteer Administrative support staff at Hempfield Fire Company

Administrative Support

A volunteer administrative support person plays a critical role in the smooth operation of the fire company by providing essential administrative assistance. Their behind-the-scenes work ensures that the fire department can function effectively and efficiently, allowing firefighters to focus on their lifesaving duties. 

Community Outreach

A volunteer community outreach support person serves as a vital liaison between the fire company and the community it serves. This may include coordinating educational events, distributing safety materials, and conducting presentations at schools, community centers, and other venues. Additionally, they work to foster positive relationships with local residents and businesses, serving as ambassadors for the fire department.

Local fire company educates kids at their schools about fire safety.
Mastersonville Volunteer Fire Company Pig Roast Fundraiser

Fundraising Volunteers 

Volunteers play a vital role in fundraising efforts, serving as passionate advocates and dedicated ambassadors for the organization's mission. Their involvement is crucial in mobilizing support from the community, building relationships with donors, and maximizing fundraising impact. Their commitment and dedication are invaluable assets in achieving fundraising goals and advancing the organization's mission to make a positive difference in the community.

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